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Christmas at Uncle Phil's Diner: No Room at the Diner

Interactive Dinner Theatre for Outreach

By: Dave Avanzino, Coley Fisher, Craig Wilson
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product Set Requirements: Very simple indoor set is needed. Cast: 9 male, 13 female, plus extras (some roles can be doubled or eliminated) Performance Time: 2 hours (including the meal) Topics: Christmas, Christmas Plays, Christmas Scripts, Contentment, Dinner Theatre, Humor, Outreach Suggested Use: This interactive dinner theatre is a great way to reach out to your community and bring them into your church for a fun evening of entertainment during the Christmas season. Performance Royalty: First Performance: $35.00/Additional Performances: $25.00  
Nativity Costume Photo - Angel
Nativity Costume Photo - Joseph
Nativity Costume Photo - Manger
Nativity Costume Photo - Mary
Nativity Costume Photo - Narrator/Shepherd
Nativity Costume Photo - Shepherd
Nativity Costume Photo - Wiseman 1
Nativity Costume Photo - Wiseman 2
Nativity Costume Photo - Wiseman 3
Nativity Costume Photo - Wisemen Gifts
12 Days Prop Photo - 2 Turkey Legs
12 Days Prop Photo - 3 French Fries
12 Days Prop Photo - 5 Onion Rings
12 Days Prop Photo - 6 Burgers
12 Days Prop Photo - 7 Grease Fires
12 Days Prop Photo - 8 Phones
12 Days Prop Photo - 9 Cups of Coffee
12 Days Prop Photo - 10 Plates
12 Days Prop Photo - Chili
12 Days Prop Photo - 12 Meatloafs
Prop Photo - Flodene's Book 1
Prop Photo - Flodene's Book 2
Flodene Book Cover
Flodene Book Cover (GIF)
Decor Poster 1
Decor Poster 2
Decor Poster 3
Decor Poster 4
Decor Poster 5
Bingo Cards (PDF)
Sample: Bulletin Artwork (PDF)
Christmas at UPD: Bulletin Artwork (GIF)
Christmas at UPD: Black and White Logo (PDF)
Christmas at UPD: Color Logo (PDF)
Christmas at UPD: Menu Artwork (GIF)
Sample: Menu Artwork (PDF)
Christmas at UPD: Poster Artwork (GIF)
Sample: Poster Artwork (PDF)
Christmas at UPD: Response Card Template (GIF)
Sample: Response Card Artwork (PDF)
Christmas at UPD: Thank You Cards (GIF)
Christmas at UPD: Ticket Artwork (GIF)
Sample: Production Notes
Sample: Scene One
Sample: Scene Eight
Sample: Living Nativity
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