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Worship Songs

Worship Songs, Volume 1

Ever Faithful

Music by: Diane Machen, Bruce Wickersheim, Marty Nystrom, Christine Hays, Susan Sacca, Christy Cooper, Dave Moody
Voicing: Three-part; praise team 
Price: $19.99
About This Product The initial release from Lillenas Worship Resources features twelve fresh worship songs in a highly functional songbook. Congregational friendly, extremely singable, easily learned - these are the hallmarks of each selection in the Worship Songs series.

Each song has been born of experience in local fellowships and we've included material from some of the Church's best-loved song writers. The songbook includes for each song a full arrangement (vocals, piano, chord chart), a praise team or ensemble vocals only page, and rhythm chart pages. Style: Praise and Worship, Contemporary  
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Sample Page: We Thank You for Your Presence, leadsheet
Sample Page: Holy, You Are Holy, leadsheet
Sample Page: More than Worthy, leadsheet
Sample Page: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, leadsheet
Sample Page; God Is Great, God Is Good, leadsheet
Sample Page: Ever Faithful, leadsheet
Sample Page: Let the King Come In, leadsheet
Sample Page: Sovereign Lord, leadsheet
Sample Page: The Love of Christ, leadsheet
Sample Page: You Are Crowned with Praise, leadsheet
Sample Page: King of Kings, leadsheet
Sample Page: Overflowing Heart, leadsheet
Lyrics: We Thank You for Your Presence
Lyrics: Holy, You Are Holy
Lyrics: More than Worthy
Lyrics: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Lyrics: God Is Great, God Is Good
Lyrics: Ever Faithful
Lyrics: Let the King Come In
Lyrics: Sovereign Lord
Lyrics: The Love of Christ
Lyrics: You Are Crowned with Praise
Lyrics: King of Kings
Lyrics: Overflowing Heart
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