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Folio (Year A, Volume 1)

A Preaching Companion

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Year A, Vol. 1 (Dec/Jan/Feb 2013-14)
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About This Product Perfect for pastors with limited time, or who want more direction, this quarterly resource offers creative ideas to help implement purposeful sermon and worship planning.

Each quarter contains helpful resources such as:
  • Lectionary lists of readings
  • Annotations on Revised Common Lectionary Sunday scripture readings
  • Thematic tags and motifs for worship preparation
  • Devotional reflections and commentary on the Sunday
  • preaching passages
  • Wesley's notes on the Sunday epistle lesson
  • Preaching helps to inspire sermon development
Being lectionary-focused, Folio offers a planning environment for thinking creatively about message preparation and the Sunday morning worship experience.

Volume 1:
Advent/Christmas/Epiphany Seasons - 14 weeks
This volume starts with the first Sunday in Advent through Transfiguration Sunday (which is the Sunday before Ash Wednesday).

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