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Teeny Tykes & Tunes - Toddler Volume 1

Produced by: Lillenas Music
Voicing: Adult/Child Solo 
Teacher's Curriculum Guide
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About This Product Teeny Tykes & Tunes: Toddler
18 month - 3 year old toddlers and their caregivers

The primary objective of Teeny Tykes & Tunes is to provide a resource that will help make music and spiritual activity a part of every child's daily life. Whether it is used in a weekly music activity time, after school programs, family centers, daycares, or mother's day out programs, Teeny Tykes & Tunes is an exciting, proven tool for infants, toddlers, and caregivers. Created by Pamela Vandewalker and Cherry Garasi, this faith-based music curriculum feature carefully selected action songs, bounces (for babies), finger-plays, Bible songs and stories that will give children the opportunity to wiggle, giggle, and learn about God! Homes will be transformed with the joy of music as infants and toddlers take steps toward understanding God's love through the gift of music.

Songlist: Greeting Song * Looby Loo * I Like to Wiggle * Clap Your Hands * Come and Ride Our Train * Stop! * Do Lord * Elephant Song * Fleas * Freeze Parade * God Is So Good * Good Day * He's Got the Whole World in His Hands * If You're Happy and You Know It * Itsy Bitsy Spider * Lots of Fun * Jesus Loves Me * March Like a Band * The Wiggle Song * Water Music: Finale * March Like a Soldier * O How I Love Jesus * Open, Shut them * Pop, Goes the Weasel * Put Them Up * When the Saints Go Marching In * Beat Workout * Ten Little Fingers * The Band * This Old Man * Tommy Thumbs * Wade in the Water * Walk in a Circle * Wheels on the Bus * Where is Thumbkin? * Who Has a Nose * Hopping Is Fun * Here Is the Beehive * Four Seasons: Summer * The Mosquito * Old McDonald Had a Farm * My Favorite Part of Me Is Me * Good-bye My Friends Skill: Easy Suggested Use: Curriculum, Bible Story, Scriptures and Music for weekly activity time with infants and toddlers, for use in after school programs, family centers, daycare, or Mother's Day Out programs. Style: Varied  
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