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Census Time in Bethlehem

A Children's Musical About the Names of Jesus

Created by: Pamela Vandewalker, Cherry Garasi
Produced by: Lillenas Music
Voicing: Children's choir; Unison with Optional 2-part 
Price: $5.99
About This Product Kids will learn the names of Jesus while being part of the fun as Mary and Joseph try to convince the local census-taker, Mr. B.A. Countable, that they really do know their unborn baby is a boy and he already has a name...several names, as a matter of fact. Poor Mr. Countable becomes more and more confused as new visitors arrive to worship the newborn baby, but everyone calls him something different. This new offering from the creative team of Pamela Vandewalker and Cherry Garasi is all the fun, creativity, and teach you've come to expect from this dynamic due, with songs your children will love to sing in a variety of styles - from the classic rock-n'-roll of "He Is Emmanuel" to the lovely, simple strains of "Away in a Manger (Medley)." It's not only Christmas time; it's Census Time in BethlehemCast: 1 girl, 2 boys, 3 kids Performance Time: 30 minutes Skill: Easy Suggested Use: Children's Christmas Musical Style: Varied  
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Census Time in Bethelehem Singer's Edition (Vocal Line Only W/Script) 765762086432
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Census Time in Bethlehem Teacher's Resource Kit (PDF's) 765762086531  $54.99    
Census Time in Bethlehem Downloadable Demo 12937
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Census Time in Bethlehem Downloadable Split-channel Trax 765762086630  $49.99    
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Preview Pack, CD (Book & Demo Recording) 765762184404 $12.00
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