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Contributor: Lin Sexton
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Drama Book
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About This Product From regular Worship Leader Magazine columnist, Lin Sexton, comes a diverse collection of scripts that is both practical and artistic. Lin's years of experience with a church drama arts program shines in each piece, delivering work that is significant and applicable. The seasonal and general scripts make this a go-to book that audiences will love and that will challenge actors to stretch their performance muscles a bit. This book is all about variety and amazingly includes Patriotic/Veterans, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and General material for teens and adults. Topics: Christmas, Compassion, Dating, Father's Day, Good News, Grace, Great Commission, Love, Lust, Mother's Day, Patriotic, Peace, Prayer, Praying, or Prayers, Sex, Veteran's Day, hospitality, pre-martial Suggested Use: Worship services; Contemporary worship; Small groups Performance Royalty: Non royalty  
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