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Revved Up and Ready to Go!

An Easy-to-sing, Easy-to-stage Kids' Musical about the Race of Your Life

Created by: Heidi Petak
Produced by: Lillenas Music
Price: $5.99
About This Product Revved Up and Ready to Go is a fun, fast-paced 22-minute musical that challenges your kids and your audience to get their hearts ready for the race of their lives. Driven by a car-racing theme, the storyline begins with revving up and ends at the finish line with plenty of acceleration in the middle that tunes up your heart through love, prayer, forgiveness, and praise.

The modern rock rhythms and catchy melodies make the music fun to sing, while the lyrics teach essential truths about God—His power to transform our hearts, His direction in our lives, and His forgiveness and salvation through His sacrifice on the cross. The brief, easy-to-stage scenes in between the songs involve ten fun characters for the kids to play and consist of only a few characters in each scene to make rehearsals easier to schedule.

Revved Up and Ready to Go is an action-packed musical full of biblical truth and sprinkled with humor. Perfect for an evening, morning, or special kids' service, this is a musical your kids, your church, and your community won't soon forget! Performance Time: 18 minutes Performance Details: To view movement notes, click here  

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