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Camp Wallaballa

A Kid's Musical About God's Promises

Arranged by: Barny Robertson; Created by: Pamela Vandewalker
Produced by: Lillenas Music
Price: $7.99
About This Product Camp Wallaballa is a fun musical about a group of children going to church camp. On the way to camp, they are sidetracked because the bus breaks down, but during this "speedbump" on the road, they learn some of God's promises. The promises your children learn through this musical will help provide encouragement and help in the ups, downs, and speedbumps of life.

With the cast full of memorable characters and the many unforgettable moments throughout this musical, we know your kids will have a ball on the way to Camp Wallaballa. Watch your kids grab on to the powerful promises from God that will assist them on the journey of life!

Camp Wallaballa showcases a variety of musical styles ranging from high-energy fun songs, blues, rock, ballads, hymn-arrangements, and a stomp-like rhythm number complete with fog-horns, sticks and pine-cone scrapers. Thoughtful, clever and Biblically rich songs make this musical and it's camp theme accessible and delightful for kids.

Video Blogs by Pam Vandewalker now available! Click here to view. Performance Time: 48 minutes  
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Minimum Purchase Quantity: 10
Camp Wallaballa Downloadable Listening Trax $16.99 (10 or more for $5.95) 765762710733  $16.99    
Camp Wallaballa Downloadable Split-channel Trax 765762710832  $95.00    
Camp Wallaballa Downloadable Stereo Trax 765762710931  $95.00    
Camp Wallaballa Downloadable Director's Resource 765762711037  $69.99    
Video Clip: Bus Breakdown Blues
Video Clip: Here We Go
Video Clip: GPS for L-I-F-E
Camp Wallaballa Overture
Here We Go
Bus Breakdown Blues
Fear Not
I Can Do All Things
GPS for L-I-F-E
Sound Promises
God of Impossible
Standing on the Promises Underscore
Standing on the Promises
Camp Wallaballa Finale
Additional Information Contents: Camp Wallaballa