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The Practice of Solitude

Everyday Practices for a Flourishing Faith

By: Aaron Mitchum, Chris Folmsbee
Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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About This Product Solitude is a time when we withdraw from the noise of life and allow God to refresh us, energize our beings, and remind us that God is what we need, not the noise we just left. It is possible to practice this discipline wherever we are: in class, riding a bus, or on a crowded city street.

With a beautifully designed interior and pocket-sized exterior, The Practice of Journaling will lead you through different ways to develop journaling as a spiritual discipline.

Bloom Books can be used in many ways: retreats, small groups, individually, or as a large group.

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*When you purchase 50 or more you will receive a link to download a Leader’s Experiential Learning Guide that will help you navigate the conversation with your students in engaging, experiencing, processing and applying the discipline to their faith.

Size: 3.75. x 3.75., 24 Pages Topics: Fasting, Journal or Journaling, Solitude, Spiritual Disciplines or Discipline, Spiritual Practices, Study, prayer