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Perfect Wave: Small Group Media Bundle

By: Coy Lindsey
Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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DVD and Book Combo Pack
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About This Product Perfect Wave author Coy Lindsey discovered a new perspective on holiness through his love for surfing. Through personal stories and biblical truths, Coy discusses his developing passion for environmental holiness. He was challenged by a young surfer: "Every time you go to the beach, pick up 3 more pieces of trash than you brought with you." From this simple challenge, Coy's passion for the environment grew.

In these 4 video lessons, discover what it means to be a godly neighbor and learn ways you and your teens can make an impact both locally and globally. This isn't about "going green." This is about reflecting God and loving your neighbor by protecting the earth.


Session 1: Search for Perfection
Session 2: Godly Neighbor
Session 3: Global Surf
Session 4: Get Wet

Included in the Small Group Media Bundle:
  • 1 student copy of Perfect Wave
  • 4 video sessions with author Coy Lindsey
  • 4 discussion guides
  • 4 PowerPoint outlines with background
  • 3 PowerPoint games
 Topics: Christian Living, Eco-friendly, Enviromental Holiness, Going Green, Video Series, media, small group  
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