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Ethics in Christian Ministry

A Guide for Pastors and Mentors

By: Charles W. Christian
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About This Product Pastoring is packed with unexpected challenges-both good and bad. Improvising in the face of the unforeseen is often the norm. But like talented athletes and great jazz musicians, improvisation for pastors only comes by first knowing and practicing the basics.

Ethics in Christian Ministry is about preparing for the highs and lows of ministry by internalizing and rehearsing the ethical essentials of Christ-centered pastoring. Here is a resource designed to equip pastors with the tools needed to make healthy and theologically sound ethical decisions in the areas of communication, relationships, preaching, counseling, and finances. With such preparation in hand, responding to the unexpected becomes about well-grounded decision-making that leads to the best in pastoral practices. 192 pages.  
"In a time when Christian ministers receive more scrutiny than ever before, it is essential that integrity be at the center of effective leadership...Learners need not wait until a crisis arises in the field to address key markers that will sustain the vocation of ministry."
—Dr. Molly T. Marshall
President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation
Central Baptist Theological Seminary

"This book is timely, filled with wisdom, and very well written. I urge this to be a resource for every minister."
—Dr. Jesse C. Middendorf
General Superintendent Emeritus, Church of the Nazarene
Founding Director, Center for Pastoral Leadership, Nazarene Theological Seminary

"These practices of preventative maintenance are rooted in the Bible and in careful theological reflection. I will be glad to provide Ethics in Christian Ministry to the pastors under my oversight."
—Dr. Jeren Rowell
Kansas City District Superintendent
Church of the Nazarene

"Ethics in Christian Ministry is a timely book because it understands the conflicts, opportunities, and issues faced by pastors. Charles Christian understands the world we occupy and charts a clear path for vital ministry in the future. This book is a must read for those entering the ministry or looking for fresh insights into the practice of ministry."
—Dr. Henry W. Spaulding II
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
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