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A Plain Account of Christian Perfection, Annotated

By: John Wesley; Edited by: Paul W. Chilcote, Randy L. Maddox
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About This Product "What I purpose in the following papers is to give a plain and distinct account of the steps by which I was embrace the doctrine of Christian perfection."

So begins John Wesley's classic work on the central emphasis of his theology. In A Plain Account of Christian Perfection this Anglican priest and founder of Methodism brings to the forefront what he considers the goal of the Christian life-the fullest possible love of God and neighbor. Drawing from several of his earlier writings, Wesley thoughtfully presents his understanding of perfect love or Christian perfection.

Although published in many versions, this edition of Wesley's foundational text is annotated to identify Wesley's sources and clarify his citations and allusions. His original notes are also included. A timeless treasure and resource, this pivotal work belongs in every Christian's library. 160 pages.  
Plain Account of Christian Perfection Introduction