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When Bad Churches Happen to Good Pastors

Why Pastors Leave and What You Can Do About It

By: David And Lisa Frisbie
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About This Product Why do so many pastors leave ministry?

The average pastor stays at a church for only three and a half years.

Studies show a pastor's most effective ministry begins after five to seven years at a church.

We have a disconnect. How can our churches grow when our leaders are leaving before their ministries can bear fruit?

In When Bad Churches Happen to Good Pastors, David and Lisa Frisbie address these and other thought-provoking issues relating to clergy attrition, including:
  • When one family controls the church
  • Handling conflict in a difficult pastoral assignment
  • Dealing with a church boss
  • Ministering to wounded pastors

Whether you're a church leader whose pastors are departing or a pastor who has moved from church to church, you'll discover insights to help you handle the situations when pastors leave ministry. 192 pages.  
When Bad Churches Happen to Good Pastors - Table of Contents
When Bad Churches Happen to Good Pastors - Sample