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The Way We Work

How Faith Makes a Difference on the Job

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About This Product When you're dragging yourself to work, do you ever get mad at Adam and Eve for making us have to toil for a living? If you're on the clock, is it ok to mentally clock out - even for a little while? Are these things that really matter when it comes to working "as unto the Lord"

While many questions face us as we work each day, perhaps the most important is, "What difference does it make in my job if I'm a Christian"

In The Way We Work, Boone offers much more help than simply saying "You need to do your work well because you are a Christian." The Way We Work provides a thorough biblical examination of all our labors exploring:

  • When work is a pain
  • Laziness on the job
  • The blessing of work
  • Work that will last
  • And much more.
 144 pages.