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Essential Church

A Wesleyan Ecclesiology

By: Diane Leclerc, Mark A. Maddix
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About This Product "A more ambiguous word than this, the Church, is scarce to be found in the English Language."
--John Wesley

With so many denominations and differing ideas about what the church is and does, arriving at a clear understanding of the church is a formidable challenge. The pastors and educators who have contributed to this book explore the meaning, purpose, and function of the church, as well as its structure. They address topics such as the kingdom of God, worship, and mission, in relation to the body of Christ, and give special attention to Wesleyan theological concerns.

This theology of the church is an accessible resource for anyone, minister or layperson, who desires a better grasp of the church. This stimulating ecclesiology is a valuable addition to any theological library. 256 pages.  
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