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Epic Year 2 DVD


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About This Product This in-depth study will help students understand how the individual stories of the Old Testament fit within God's greater story. This DVD includes 18 videos of the Old Testament for easier use in the classroom. From creation to the kings, the Psalms to the prophets, each video uses creative artwork to help bring each story to life.

What you'll find on this DVD:
  • Adam and Eve (Lesson 2)
  • Noah and the Promise (Lesson 4)
  • Abraham Receives a Promise (Lesson 6)
  • God Tests and Provides for Abraham (Lesson 8)
  • Jacob Tricks Isaac (Lesson 9)
  • From Favored Son to Slave (Lesson 13)
  • Plagues on Egypt (Lesson 18)
  • God Establishes a New Covenant (Lesson 20)
  • God and Gideon Win the Battle (Lesson 23)
  • Samuel (Lesson 25)
  • David Becomes King (Lesson 26)
  • Solomon's Wisdom (Lesson 29)
  • God Showed His Power (Lesson 31)
  • Josiah (Lesson 36)
  • Valley of the Dry Bones (Lesson 40)
  • Fiery Furnace (Lesson 43)
  • Daniel and the Lions (Lesson 44)
  • Review of the Old Testament (Lesson 48)

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