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A Story Unfinished

99 Days with Eliot

By: Matt Mooney
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About This Product Eliot wasn't supposed to make it to full term.

At thirty weeks into the pregnancy, Matt and Ginny Mooney were told their child had a genetic disease that made his birth unlikely. If their baby lived, it would be for only hours or perhaps a few days.

But Eliot was born and lived 99 days. And every one of those days was a gift that would change his family forever.

At Eliot's funeral, 99 balloons were released, one for each day of his life on earth. That simple act of remembrance stirred the community and received national attention. Eliot's story has been featured on Oprah and the TODAY show, and a video about his life has been seen by millions on YouTube.

And now, Eliot's father, Matt, recounts his family's remarkable journey in A Story Unfinished, a chronicle of pain, redemption, and Gods goodness even in the darkest days.

 192 pages.  
"My heart is broken but my soul is inspired by this story, and I'm better for reading it. This book will grip you and change you."
-Brad Lomenick
President of Catalyst and author of The Catalyst Leader

"Reading Eliot's story is an ushering into the holy grace of God everywhere--the art of now that could make life a masterpiece."
-Ann Voskamp
Author of New York Times Bestseller One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

"This book is a meaningful read for all of us no matter what phase of life we are going through. Eliot's inspiration can teach us how to appreciate life, cherish the light in the world even amidst sorrow and how to journey through heartache."Read full review.
Two Moms a Little Time and a Keyboard blog

"Their story will stay with me forever." Read full review.
-Megan Ballard
The Fashionista Momma

"Truly a memoir like few others... This book is one to read and share.I would highly recommend sharing this book." Read full review.
-Jessica Schmeidler
The Write Shadow

Eliot will leave a mark on the lives of everyone who reads this book, he gives you plenty to think about long after you finish."Read full article.

"It is an absolutely moving account, one that I am glad I had the opportunity to read. Would I recommend it to friends? I already have!" Read full review.
-Jillian at Baby Doodah blog
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