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Pastoral Practices

A Wesleyan Paradigm

Edited by: Mark Maddix, Diane Leclerc
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About This Product Pastoring is tough. The challenges are many, expectations are high, and tasks are wide ranging. What's more, pastoring demands a sound theology on which to base everything a pastor does.

Pastoral Practices is a guide to help pastors draw on the insights of Wesleyan theology and incorporate them into their ministries. Whatever the task may be--preaching, discipling, evangelizing, or administrating--this book will shed light on the way Wesleyan theology refines, informs, and enhances the theories and methods of each pastoral practice.

Combining their in-depth scholarship, practical experience, and profound understanding into this accessible and useful resource, the contributing writers demonstrate the value and effectiveness of pastoring the Wesleyan way. Not only will pastors and their associates find this book a worthwhile asset, but lay leaders, small-group facilitators, and others doing ministry in the church will also benefit from its invaluable insight and well-reasoned advice.

Click here to listen to a podcast with authors Mark Maddix and Diane Leclerc.

 192 pages.  
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