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Beside the Empty Cradle

Finding Peace with Childlessness

By: Pamela Sonnenmoser
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About This Product This book is a wonderful resource for childless couples!
--Amber Weigand-Buckley
Editor, OnCourse Magazine

None of the infertility solutions have been successful, and adoption is not a viable option.

Pamela Sonnenmoser knows the emotional and mental anguish of grieving the children that will never be.
  • Why won't God give us a child?
  • Why do we feel so guilty because our parents aren't grandparents?
  • How can we plan a joyful future without children?
  • Do just the two of us count as a family?
Beside the Empty Cradle combines real life stories with practical information and scriptural assistance to guide you through the journey of infertility and arrive at a place of rest and contentment.

Drawing from personal experience with infertility followed by cancer, Pamela Sonnenmoser confronts the mental agony experienced by couples grieving the children they will never have. Beside the Empty Cradle points you to the paths of satisfaction that will help you regain the joy that infertility has stolen. Through practical and spiritual wisdom gained from one who has experienced the highs and lows on this road, you can get to the place of peace and contentment in the life God has for you. 160 pages.  
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