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Ministering to the Poor and Needy

By: Teena M. Stewart
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About This Product We all like helping people. It s just a matter of knowing how. If you want to develop a ministry that embraces the poor, the homeless, and the brokenhearted, this book will show you the way. Benevolence is designed to aid a church in establishing and maintaining a benevolence ministry.

Benevolence is a simple word for generosity, kindness, or compassion. That is the goal of this book--to assist individuals and communities in developing those qualities with God s help. Written mainly to equip churches with the means to launch and manage ministries of compassion, this book also provides insight for anyone wanting to fund, start, or participate in such ministries or organizations outside of the church.

Drawing from extensive personal experience, the author, Teena Stewart, leads the way to effective benevolence ministry while supplying the tools needed to avoid many potential pitfalls. Using real-life illustrations, Teena casts a compelling vision of what a ministry of compassion can mean not only to those being helped but also to those doing the helping. 192 pages.  
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