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Mothers-in-Law vs. Daughters-in-Law

Let There Be Peace

By: Elisabeth Graham
About This Product The conflict between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law has existed throughout all of history. In the Old Testament, Rebekah complained that her daughters-in-law were making her so miserable, she'd rather be dead. Now, thousands of years later, we're still complaining about our in-laws, often even hoping they really won't ever come visit.

In Mothers-in-Law vs. Daughters-in-Law, author Elisabeth Graham examines this in-law conflict with aims to draw readers into a different perspective: that women will learn to recognize their in-laws as a beneficial relationship—a gift—to and for the entire family.

With sound biblical wisdom and clever insights, Graham teaches women to find peace in all aspects of their relationships with their in-laws.  

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