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The Call to Daily Dependence on God

By: Kevin Stirratt
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About This Product "Give us this day our daily bread..."

These words from the Lord's Prayer are beautiful and inspiring, but truly following them can lead to a terrifying place in our spiritual journey—the place of absolute dependence on God.

Just ask the Israelites. Living on manna in the desert had to be scary. They couldn't gather more than they needed or save any of it for later. Their bread was supplied one day at a time. Every morning they had to trust that God had provided what He promised—the exact amount of manna needed for that day's survival. Can you imagine? Every day their lives depended on a miracle from God.

It is this kind of daily dependence that transforms wandering believers into great people of God.

This inspiring book calls you to follow in the footsteps of the Israelites and allow God to take you to the terrifying, yet transformational, place of absolute dependence on Him. Instead of simply observing and being entertained by God's miracles, you will be challenged to let go of your fears and doubts of living on manna and, like the Israelites, develop a level of trust with God that allows Him to use you in ways He was never able to before.

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