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Quiet Moments for Worship Leaders

Scriptures, Meditations, and Prayers

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About This Product Leading others in worship is a rewarding ministry. But sometimes the business of choosing music, coordinating rehearsals, and leading services can overshadow your own time of worship and communion with God.

Before authentic worship can flow into others, it must be purified and enriched in the water of God's truth.

Quiet Moments for Worship Leaders is a collection of daily meditations and devotionals that invite worship leaders, pastors, and other members to step away from the noise and stress of their day and spend a few moments in the quietness of God's worship and the confidence of His Word. Using the ageless writings of the Book of Psalm, Marty Parks explores the honest words of David, Asaph, and others; and shares how their passion for worship, their love of God's word, and even their colossal failures, offer us comfort and inspire us to infuse our lives with the strength and truth of His Word. 160 pages.  
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