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Ashes to Fire Year A

Worship Songs for Ash Wednesday through Pentecost

Produced by: Consuming Worship
Voicing: Vocal Solo with Piano or Instrumental Accompaniment 
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Digital Songbook
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About This Product Ashes to Fire is what critics have called an "artistic tapestry" that musically encompasses a journey with Jesus from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost. The project brought together an incredible team of award-winning songwriters, worship leaders, and performing artists to create a 16-song original release that ties closely to the church calendar.

Musically Ashes to Fire represents the richest section of the church calendar. The songs capture the passion of our Lord, the fervency of repentances, the importance of remembrance, and builds to the celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Stylistically, the music is eclectic and is tied thematically to the lectionary.

The digital songbook, a companion to the album recording, is simply a must-have for the modern worship leader. The CD-ROM features easy-to-print piano/vocal sheet music, chord charts and lyric masters for all 16 songs from Ashes to Fire providing musical content for each week from Ash Wednesday through Pentecost. Skill: Moderate Suggested Use: Congregational worship, solos, preludes, offertories, concerts, recitals, talent contests, personal worship, and instruction. Style: Contemporary  
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