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Chapel Connect 1.1

A Plug-in Curriculum for Teachers to Energize Chapel Programming

Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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CD-ROM Version
Price: $34.99
About This Product Chapel Connect is a complete chapel curriculum ready to "plug in" and energize your elementary chapel programming. It is a teacher-created, teacher-friendly, creative worship curriculum. Each volume offers an entire quarter of theme-based chapel programming including:
  • A grade level appropriate scripture based script that is flexible enough to accommodate all class sizes
  • Suggestions for worship songs
  • Teacher-led introduction and application
  • Memory Verse integration
  • Behavioral Objectives identified through biblical character traits and life skills
  • Suggested student-led prayers
  • Costume and Prop suggestions
  • Rehearsal strategies
  • Parent Invitation
  • And ideas for extending the chapel theme into classroom, home, and community activities
 Topics: Availability, Benevolence, Christlikeness, Compassion, Contentment, Devotion, Discipleship, Faithfulness, Forgiveness, God's Love for Us, God's Promises, God's Provision, Jesus Transforms Lives, Love, Peace, Purpose, Redemption, Repent or Repentance, Selflessness, Serving Others, Wisdom, kindness Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
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