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Teeny Tykes & Tunes Instructional Training DVD-ROM

Produced by: Lillenas Music
Teeny Tykes & Tunes Instructional Training DVD-ROM
Price: $29.99
About This Product Teeny Tykes & Tunes is a faith-based music educational activity program designed for infants and toddlers and their parents or caregivers. This 13 minute DVD presentation discusses how research on brain development tell us that exposure to, and participation in repetitious music activities such as Teeny Tykes & Tunes increases:
  • Language development
  • Math skills
  • Reading skills
  • Social development
  • Physical gross motor and cross lateral development
  • Musical ability and skills such as steady beat and melody memory
  • Spiritual awareness that God loves me and made me special

Find out how these essential elements of growth and development in every child's like are promoted through this outstanding music program designed to enrich the lives of little ones and their families.Teeny Tykes & Tunes...It's a No Brainer!

This DVD-ROM includes:
  • Printable outline of DVD presentation
  • Printable complete research information background for DVD presentation