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SALT - Set of 7 Workbooks

Spiritual, Psychological, Social, Physical, Financial, Marital, and Parental Workbooks

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About This Product The entire set of seven SALT will provide from 28 to 56 weeks of material for your small group, sermon preparation, or Sunday School.

"There is a hunger in many churches for discipleship materials that are holistic and based upon biblical truth. Christians are not simply seeking information; they are seeking the transformation of God that will touch every area of their lives. The Seven Areas of Life Training (SALT) is an effective ministry tool that is adaptable for small group discussion. Each of the seven topics address "real life" issues and assists students (disciples) in understanding and applying scriptural truth to their personal lives."
Mike Stipp, Pastoral Services Coordinator
Clergy Development, Church of the Nazarene
Kansas City, MO

"Growing fully functioning biblical believers is one of the greatest challenges the church faces today. VCLI comes alongside the leadership of the church and offers relevant materials and excellent training. I highly recommend SALT to strengthen your discipleship efforts."
Bob Hake, Senior Pastor
Orangewood Church of the Nazarene
Phoenix, AZ

"In 20 years of pastoral service, I think VCLI offers some of the best discipleship material I've found."
Dan Flemming, Senior Pastor
Maryvale Church of the Nazarene
Phoenix, AZ

Listing of other Nazarene churches using SALT include Crossroads in Chandler, AZ, Kirkland First in Kirkland, WA, Buckingham First in Buckingham, VA, Saginaw Valley in Saginaw, MI, Manchester First in Manchester, CT, and Glendale First in Glendale, AZ. SALT resources are also widely used with small groups through Prison Fellowship Ministry and other evangelical churches. Topics: Discipleship, Small Group or Small Groups