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Scripts That Make You Go Hmm...

By: onetimeblind
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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Drama Book
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About This Product Cast: Includes two monologues; the remainder of the sketches call for small casts of two to five actors. Performance Time: Most scripts run 4 to 8 minutes. Topics: Acceptance, Authenticity, Avoiding Temptation, Being Part of the Body, Commitment, Conformity, Consumerism, Dating, Faith in Action, Forgiveness, Homosexuality, Humility, Image or images, Love, Materialism, Purity, Releasing Your Baggage to Jesus, Service, Uniqueness, Unity, Using My Talents and Spiritual Gifts Suggested Use: Worship services, contemporary worship, youth retreats and events Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty  
Downloadable Products
Commitment Downloadable Script 12070  $10.00  
Dating Downloadable Script 12071  $10.00  
Football Downloadable Script 12072  $10.00  
Gay Downloadable Script 12073  $10.00  
How Can You Die for Me? Downloadable Script 12074  $10.00  
Image Is Nothing Downloadable Script 12075  $10.00  
You Matter Downloadable Script 12076  $10.00  
Kick Downloadable Script 12077  $10.00  
Live in Me Downloadable Script 12078  $10.00  
More Coke Downloadable Script 12079  $10.00  
Trash Downloadable Script 12080  $10.00  
Wash My Feet Downloadable Script 12081  $10.00  
Preview: Commitment
Preview: Dating
Preview: Football
Preview: Gay
Preview: How Can You Die for Me?
Preview: Image Is Nothing
Preview: You Matter
Preview: Kick
Preview: Live in Me
Preview: More Coke
Preview: Trash
Preview: Wash My Feet
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