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Baggage Claim

A Modern-day Parable

By: Don Bosley
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product Baggage Claim lays out the gospel of Jesus Christ in imagery that can be grasped by today's audience. The story is built around the D'Baquel family on vacation at a much-publicized bed & breakfast. Their stay goes awry, however, when they find the lodge full of animated goofballs, and a screwy bellhop keeps tossing their luggage into the cavernous canyon that lies below the hotel. Sam, the father, becomes increasingly unraveled as he keeps traversing the 347 flights of stairs to retrieve his belongings. Comedic beginnings segue into a darker reality as the pain and inner conflicts of the family members surface. One by one they begin to willingly turn over their baggage to the bellhop, gradually recognizing that he is Jesus Christ. Sam keeps resisting - until, just one stroke before midnight, he is stunned to realize that the bill is too big for him to pay. When the bellhop sacrifices his own life to pay it, Sam finally understands.

Customer Testimonial: "Wow! Oma-Goodness! What an awesome experience it was to direct Baggage Claim. This was my church's first adult drama performance and it was superb. Congratulations to the script's writer, Don Bosley for creating a play that is both hilarious and serious at the same time. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. We invited a large group of International Students (mostly Chinese) from Kennesaw State University. They were spellbound and curious. After the performance, they stayed for a time of Q & A. Wonderful soundtrack, too! Thanks again for such a terrific script!"
—Mary Floyd, Community Bible Church, Kennesaw, GA

Click here to view the promotional poster for Community Bible Church's presentation of Baggage ClaimSet Requirements: One interior set Cast: 5 male, 5 female, extras Performance Time: 75 minutes Topics: Emotional Baggage, Gospel, Outreach, Sacrifice Suggested Use: A great choice for outreach Performance Royalty: First Performance: $35.00/Additional Performance: $25.00

Permission to perform this work is granted when a Production Pack is purchased and the royalty is paid two weeks prior to performance.
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