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Downtime for Dads

Scriptures, Meditations, and Prayers

By: Gene Williams
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About This Product These inspiring stories from well-known athletes and famous dads, such as Nate Robertson, Jim Ryun, Rod Cole, Tom Flick, William Greathouse, Gene Williams, George Andrews, Brian Arner, Cameron Bowman, Russ Crosson, Don Eby, Rob Epp, David Griffis, Jon Hamilton, Bryan S. Hanning, Donald Harvey, Brian Holman, Gordon MacDonald, Bill Martin, Lincoln Montgomery, Ed Nash, Bones Nay, Pat Page, Aubrey Ponce, Gene Rankin, Millard Reed, Eugene Simpson, Jamey Underwood, Kristopher Williams, and Steve Williams will encourage men and help them face the responsibilities of fatherhood.

Whether you're a busy dad balancing the demands of your family and job or a father relaxing in retirement, this unique compilation of stories and meditations will strengthen your resolve to be a better father. It includes inspiring stories from professional football and baseball players, respected businessmen, well-known leaders, and everyday dads who understand the demands and responsibilities of fatherhood. With insight and honesty, they share experiences that have helped shape them as fathers and strengthen their trust in God.

Their challenging meditations will help you focus on the power of God and remind you of the wisdom you receive when you spend a little downtime with Him.

This engaging collection is an ideal gift for wives, mothers, children, and friends to give to encourage and uplift the important men in their lives. 192 pages.  
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