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Innovative Transitions

How Change Can Take Your Church to the Next Level

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About This Product Change is vital to the life of a church. Pastors and church leaders continually seek new ways to improve their church's health, community, and outward compassion. They study the trends, attend seminars, and research new programs. But when it comes to actually implementing or moving toward a transition, many leaders hesitate—uncertain how to initiate or shepherd the change.

It's one thing to want to transition—it's another to know how.

In Innovative Transitions, well-known pastor Dale Galloway and church researcher Warren Bird team up to give church leaders practical methods to move their churches from comfortable maintenance to genuine, vibrant mission. They share 15 inspiring stories of successful turnaround churches, each of which models a unique style of transition. From leadership development to a renewed vision for outreach, they offer insight and transferable principles for church leaders to use--regardless of church size or denomination. Their innovative ideas will help leaders successfully implement change as their church transitions from one generation to another.

Filled with poignant scriptures, questions for discussion, and relevant examples, Innovative Transitions will sharpen your understanding of church growth and show you new opportunities to take Christ into the world. 160 pages.  
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