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The Intentional Family

Celebrating Adoption

By: Kimberley Raunikar Taylor
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About This Product Adoption brings new life to everyone involved. An abandoned and disconnected child is given a home and a place to belong and an incomplete family receives the gift of a new member to nurture and love.

In The Intentional Family, Kimberley Raunikar Taylor reaches into her own experience of adopting a child to give hope and encouragement to those considering the possibility of adoption. With gentle wisdom, she examines the thoughts and emotions many experience before embracing this option then discusses all the joys and challenges one may face on the journey through the adoption process.

The Intentional Family helps women:
  • Examine the condition of their own hearts and discover what motivates their desire for a child
  • Find blessings in a season of childlessness
  • Respond to God's desire to place the lonely and homeless in families
  • Prepare for the changes and challenges of adoption
  • Assimilate a new child into an existing family.
 192 pages.  
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