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A Sacred Encounter with God

By: Frank Moore
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About This Product Most Christians have heard numerous sermons discussing the importance of having a relationship with Christ, but what does that really mean? We accept God's love, openly profess our faith, and follow the beliefs of our church. But how many of us really take time to genuinely know the God who loves us?

We all want to build a real relationship with Christ, but for many words like discipline, obedience, and holiness stir up feelings of guilt and frustration associated with our failure to successfully practice these in the past. Christ wants us to know Him. But He doesn't want us to spend time with Him out of guilt or duty. He wants us to fall in love with Him--so much so that thoughts of Him are with us wherever we go. He wants to rendezvous with us wherever we are. He's waiting for us to see the everyday moments of our lives as opportunities to have sacred encounters with Him.

Rendezvous: A Sacred Encounter with God opens the door to having a new connection with Christ and presents ways to turn our spiritual routine into a sacred romance with the One who loves us most. With mystery and revelation, Frank Moore discusses how we can encounter Christ--in our lives, our closest relationships, our friendships, our community, and the world. He provides a new understanding of how spiritual practices such as submission, hospitality, and compassion can help guide us to sacred rendezvous with God and genuine relationship with Him.

Begin to turn everyday moments into sacred encounters and fall in love with God like never before. Rendezvous with Him. He's waiting.

Spiritual Practices Include:
Accountability, Bible Reading/Study, Compassion, Congregational Participation, Discipleship, Examination, Direction, Example, Fellowship, Hospitality, Journaling, Justice, Meditation, Moderation, Submission, Mentoring, Prayer, Sabbath, Sacraments, Service/Ministry, Simplicity, Small Group Participation, Suffering, Thinking, Witness, and others. 192 pages.  
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