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Parenting 20-Something Kids

Recognizing Your Role as They Find Their Way

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About This Product Do you find yourself asking what happened to your once-healthy relationship with your young adult children?

Everything seemed to be going well--then they started resisting advice and pushing away from your attempts to communicate. Many parents experience this as their children transition into adulthood.

Parenting 20-Something Kids: Recognizing Your Role As They Find Their Way shows parents of young adults how to adapt to their changing role in their children's lives. Author Martha Gorris draws from her own and others' parenting experience of learning to:
  • Surrender your children to God
  • Help them develop decision-making skills and personal responsibility
  • Set boundaries that promote mutual respect
  • Release unrealistic expectations
  • Communicate beyond giving advice
  • Share your faith journey with your children
  • Develop a growing friendship
 144 pages.  
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