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What's a Pastor to Do?

The Good and Difficult Work of Ministry

By: Jeren Rowell
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About This Product The work of a minister is mixed with the joy of serving the Savior and the frustration of leading people.
In What's A Pastor to Do?: The Good and Difficult Work of Ministry, Rev. Jeren Rowell addresses the enjoyable and disagreeable aspects of pastoring. Sections such as Pastoral Identity, Pastoral Health, and the Pastor as Priest give insight and encouragement to ministers in need of spiritual refreshment and comfort.
The chapters are short enough to be used as daily devotions and offer biblical insight, scripture, and illustrations that uplift and instruct. What's A Pastor to Do? is the perfect restorative tool for every minister who has asked, "What am I to do?" 96 pages.  
Sample Chapter: What's a Pastor to Do?
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