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Holiness in the Gospels

By: Kent Brower
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About This Product Is there a future for the doctrine of Christian Holiness in the churches of the 21st century or will it become a dated concept that is associated only with the generations of the past?

For many, the notion of holiness has been described as rigid and legalistic, leading to a routine and joyless life, centered on churches that offer casual and impoverished worship.Holiness in the Gospels offers Christians a new vision of holiness that is biblically responsible, centered in worship, and theologically coherent. It translates into a genuine message of good news and communicates a passion and understanding for how to live a holy life today—in the 21st century.

Holiness in the Gospels examines:
  • The quest for holiness in the second temple period and establishes the backdrop with which to read the gospels
  • The humanity and the Spirit of Christ found in the Gospel of Luke
  • The divinity of Jesus found in the Gospel of John
  • The journey of Jesus and the understanding of Him as Messiah, Son of God, in the Gospel of Mark
  • The perfection of Christ and our call to perfection in the Gospel of Matthew, and much more!
 160 pages.  
Sample Chapter: Holiness in the Gospels
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