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Dirty Dancing at the Prom and Other Challenges Christian Teens Face

How Parents Can Help

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Dirty Dancing at the Prom and Other Challenges Christian Teens Face: How Parents Can Help is designed to help parents understand the difficulties that bombard their child daily. Barbara Curtis offers parents insight, advice, and specific examples for equipping their Christian child with the self-assurance and itegrity he or she needs to make healthy, Christ-centered decisions in a world that is full of temptation, offensive situations, and attacks on their faith.

In Dirty Dancing at the Prom..., Barbara Curtis answers the question, "What gives teenagers the strength to live with integrity when others are giving in and conforming?" by:
  • Interviewing numerous teenagers and asking them to share their insight and advice
  • Exploring biblical principles and situations that lay a foundation for parents to follow
  • Focusing on the understanding that teenagers must be firmly grounded in their parent's love and in the perfect love of Christ
  • Equipping parents with the insight and tools they need to demonstrate God's perfect love to their kid
 144 pages.  
Sample Chapter: Dirty Dancing at the Prom
Additional Information Contents: Dirty Dancing at the Prom