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The Praying Parent

Making a Lasting Difference in Your Kids' Lives

By: Debbie Salter Goodwin
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About This Product Every parent desires the best for his or her child, but often it is a crisis that sends a parent to prayer before anything else. In her new book, The Praying Parent, Debbie Salter Goodwin focuses on the power of prayer, and teaches parents how to pray continually for their child by focusing the prayers on God and not the destructive details that come with a crisis. Goodwin stresses that prayer is the most important gift parents can give their children, and discusses how praying the right prayers for one's child will result in a transformation of one's own heart and mind as well as the child's.

The Praying Parent:
  • Focuses on connecting parents and their children with the One who knows everything.
  • Teaches parents to avoid praying prayers such as "Lord, don't let...", but instead praying prayers that have transformational answers in them such as, "What do you need me to do now?"
  • Gives parents specific examples of what to pray throughout a child's life.
  • Provides scripture, illustrations, and self-reflection questions that will help parents become an effective praying parent.
 136 pages.  
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