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God Is Never Late; He's Seldom Early; He's Always Right On Time

By: Stan Toler
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When we're waiting on God to answer prayer, our timing and His timing are rarely the same. Sometimes it seems like God is in a different time zone altogether. We sometimes feel like we picked one of those numbers in the bureau of motor vehicle line and there are 78 others ahead in line. But we need God to wait on us--right away.

This book is about trusting God even when it seems He is running late. It's about God's perfect control over the times and events of our lives--and about His perfect power to order those events in a loving and meaningful way. Despite our anxiousness, impatience, and worry, God is faithful to work in our lives at just the right time. He'll never be late.

God's Never Late is the third book in a popular trilogy including:
  • God Has Never Failed Me. . . But He's Sure Scared Me to Death a Few Times
  • The Buzzards are Circling, But God's Not Finished with Me Yet
 152 pages.  
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