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Building Kingdom Stewards

A Complete Plan for Developing a Giving Church

By: Stan Toler
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About This Product 80% of all Christians do not tithe 10% of their income.
-Christian Stewardship Association survey

A financial crisis is on the horizon of the church. According to Leadership Network, "The supply and distribution of money to support mission and ministry in the 21st century is a stealth crisis looming in the future. . . . . Few leaders are addressing [this] issue that affects every congregation, regardless of size or location."

Building Kingdom Stewards outlines a positive strategy for developing financial stewardship in the local church. The Building Kingdom Stewards kit is a seminar by Stan Toler in notebook form, complete with audio CD, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, power-point slides, interactive sermon outlines, and interactive forms for use in the local church. Stewardship starts at home - rather than spending hundreds of dollars and days of precious time to attend this seminar, you can gain the same valuable principles and interactive experience by purchasing this all-in-one kit.

You'll learn:
  • Keys to raising dollars for ministry

  • Guidelines for conducting a capital stewardship campaign

  • What to consider when securing a loan for church building programs

  • Ways to organize an annual giving plan

  • How to build a church stewardship-planning calendar

  • And much more!

This kit includes:
  • Audio CD of Stan Toler's seminar presentation of Building Kingdom Stewards

  • Fill-in-the-blank worksheets to enhance the seminar material

  • Interactive sermon outlines with power point slides

  • Forms for use in the local church, including sample church budget, loan request checklist, financial planning calendar, and more.
 200 pages.  
Introduction: Building Kingdom Stewards
Building Kingdom Stewards - Why This Seminar?
Sample Session: Building Kingdom Stewards
Additional Information Contentes: Building Kingdom Stewards