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Philosophy of Religion

Introductory Essays

Edited by: Thomas Jay Oord
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About This Product Philosophy of Religion: Introductory Essays is a straightforward introduction to the discipline. While many philosophy of religion books are comprised of short, primary readings from selected authors or brief overviews of particular questions, this book offers a significant introductory essay for a variety of key issues. This approach provides a stylistically uniform presentation of the ideas, allowing the reader to consider central concepts without having to struggle with widely divergent styles of historical texts. The first section addresses traditional arguments for the existence of God, including:

  • Experiential arguments

  • Cosmological arguments

  • Teleological arguments

  • Ontological arguments

  • Nontheistic arguments

In addition to addressing standard issues in philosophy of religion, this book also offers complete essays on topics rarely found in other texts. These essays include discussions of each of the following topics as they relate to the philosophy of religion:

  • divine love

  • gender and race issues

  • divine holiness

  • religion and aesthetics

  • the Trinity

These novel offerings fill a void, while breaking new ground for introductory philosophy of religion texts. 288 pages.  
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