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Starting a New Church

How to Plant a High-Impact Church

By: Dr. Dale Galloway, Warren Bird
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About This Product Starting a New Church is perfect for:

  • A church that is considering a new church plant
  • A small church pastor who wants to re-establish his church in the community
  • A church that has launched a new work and needs fresh ideas

Starting a New Church gives you all the tools you need to plant a church successfully! Lead your core group through this program to help them catch a vision and teach them to contribute to the project in significant ways. This easy-to-use notebook is divided into a leader's guide and reproducible student workbook. In addition, this kit includes a DVD designed to stimulate study and discussion. Each of the 15 chapters is enhanced by a 3-5 minute video clip, usually featuring an actual church planter whose story is told in the chapter.

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