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The Wildrose

Second-best Bride

Book 5

Theme: Fiction
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About This Product Second best. She was always second best. Meg knew she couldn't compete with her sister Marlys. She'd quit trying a long time ago. So she was only vaguely disappointed when handsome homesteader Royce Ferguson transferred his affections to her beautiful and flirtatious sister. But when Royce left town for the Wildrose Territory on the Canadian frontier with marriage on his mind, Meg wondered if Marlys would honor her pledge to follow him. And just as Meg suspected, it seemed that Marlys had finally made a promise she couldn't keep. What's a second-best girl to do when she believes the man of her dreams is about to suffer a broken heart? Should Meg take the chance of a lifetime, risking yet another rejection? With only her faith to see her through, Meg sets out to find her future. In the process, she discovers that dreams come true in the most unexpected places. Paper. 208 pages.