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Girl Who Wanted To Be A Missionary, The (Susan N. Fitkin Story)

By: Mark York
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About This Product "You're drunk! Go sleep it off in the workers' cottage," Father Norris said.

The men didn't listen. They came closer.

"I said, go to the workers' cottage," Father shouted again. This time he waved his big horse pistol.

The men stopped. Grumbling, they turned around.

Little Susan was afraid.

"Why were those men so mean?" she asked.

"Liquor does that to people, Susan," her mother said. "They are usually good people. but when they get drunk they act mean.""

If it makes them mean, why do they drink?" Susan asked.

"I guess they don't know Jesus," Mother said.

"Someone should tell them about Him," Susan thought. 64 pages.