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A Wesleyan-Holiness Theology

By: J. Kenneth Grider
Theme: Theology or Theological
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About This Product This is a systematic theology for the clergy and alert laypersons of the many Wesleyan-Holiness denominations and parachurch groups and for United Methodism itself--as well as others who wish to know or need to know what the shape of Wesleayn-Holiness theology is. The views are supported basically from Scripture, with corroborative support from John Wesley and the Holiness Movement--and from the entire remembered past of the Church. It prefers John Wesley (a father of the church birthed later on) to the Holiness Movement on many issues, as on the witness of the Spirit. It prefers the Holiness Movement to Mr. Wesley on two important matters: entire sanctification as instantaneous only and not also gradual (although sanctification as such is gradual); and on entire sanctification's being effected by Christ's baptism with the Holy Spirit. 592 pages.  
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