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A Decembered Grief
Living with Loss While Others are Celebrating
By: Harold Ivan Smith
Holidays can be especially difficult times for those grieving the deaths of loved ones. Grief specialist Harold Ivan Smith offers help for the holidays . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834127265
Price: $15.99   
How to Plan a Funeral
And Other Things You Need to Know When a Loved One Dies
By: Liz Cowen Furman
No one wants to think about planning a funeral; and the logistics of burial costs, memorial options, and writing an obituary are the last things on your . . .See More On This Item
Book,Trade Paper 9780834123755
Price: $12.99   
If God Is God...Then Why?
Letters from New York City
By: Al Truesdale
What was God doing the morning of September 11? Was He watching but not caring? Did He choose to just sit on His hands? See More On This Item
Book 083-411-9668
Price: $9.99   
Life After the Death of My Son
What I'm Learning
Using excerpts from his journal, Apple explores the dark, lonely road of grieving for his child. His painful, yet promising story offers comfort and connection See More On This Item
Downloadable Audio Book 9780834128774 Downloadable Audio Book
Price: $14.99   
Some Kind of Reason
By: Thomas R. Briggs
Cast: 1 male, 2 female
Performance Time: 4 minutes
A short, serious sermon starter dealing with questioning God in times of grief See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 11860
Price: $10.00   
The Comfort Zone
11 Sketches to Challenge and Encourage the Christian Faith
By: Chuck Neighbors
Performance Time: 5 to 15 minutes.
From the writer of THE "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?" PLAYBOOK comes another collection of spiritually challenging and technically simple sketches. See More On This Item
Sketch Collection MP-827
Price: $19.99   
The Grief Care Kit
Bereavement Resources for Counselors and Recovery Group Leaders
By: Harold Ivan Smith
Grief affects everyone. Every week there are names of people in the church have experienced or are facing the loss of someone they love. For many, knowing . . .See More On This Item
DVD and Book Combo Pack 9780834123823
Price: $49.99   
The Letter
By: Chuck Neighbors
Cast: 1 male
Performance Time: 5 minutes
A father writes his son a birthday letter. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 10797
Price: $10.00   
The Pastor's Funeral Planner
By: Stan Toler, Tom Hermiz
The Pastor's Funeral Planner is a funeral manual that provides busy pastors with fresh insights on conducting funerals. It includes messages, customs, . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834127234
Price: $16.99   
The Unusual Bible Study Lesson
By: Gail Blanton
Cast: 1 female
Performance Time: approx. 6 minutes
A woman who feels inadequate to help others is used of God to bring unexpected laughter and the start of healing for a friend. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 12012
Price: $10.00   
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