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Humble Pie
By: Jerry Cohagan
Cast: 1 female
Performance Time: 5 minutes
A lighthearted monologue about the pitfalls of envy and spite. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 11524
Price: $10.00   
Psycho Popcorn Girl
By: John Cosper
Cast: 1 male teen, 4 female teen
Performance Time: 5 minutes
A popcorn vendor with an attitude problem takes out her jealousy on her customers and friends. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 11786
Price: $10.00   
Quick Start Drama for Worship
Readers Theatre
By: Bette Dale Moore, Kevin Stoltz, Jeff Smith, Wayne Sigler, Chuck Neighbors, Coley Fisher, Dave Tippett, Courtney Walsh
Performance Time: Scripts run approximately 3 to 7 minutes
Readers Theatre is an easy-to-stage approach to drama. Includes scripts on relevant topics, as well as something for Easter and Christmas. See More On This Item
Drama Book MP-862
Price: $19.99   
Seven Deadly Sins
The Uncomfortable Truth
By: Dan Boone
This is a relevant, though-provoking look at the seven imperfections that sin uses to tarnish and infect our lives. See More On This Item
Book,Trade Paper 083-412-3606
Price: $11.99   
Seven Deadly Sins, DVD + Book
Lessons for Faith Communities
By: Dan Boone
Sin. For many, it s become a dirty word. In today's culture, saying sin in public is like mentioning the word bomb at the airport. You just don't. See More On This Item
DVD and Book Combo Pack 9780834124455
Price: $24.99   
1-5 of 5