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Easter Program Builder No. 26
Creative Resources for Program Directors
Compiled by: Kimberly Messer
This Easter collection features graded recitations for kids and short sketches and plays for all ages. See More On This Item
Program Resource Book ME-126
Price: $6.99   
God in Pursuit
The Tipping Points from Doubt to Faith
By: Joseph Bentz
What is the turning point that causes a curious journalist and atheist to walk into a church and be converted to Christ the first time she takes communion? See More On This Item
Book 9780834124929 Click here for the Free Downloadable Leader's Guide
Price: $13.99   
Now You See It
By: Jan Peterson Ewen
Cast: 2 persons
Performance Time: 4 minutes
This sketch is about how we reconcile our faith and our need for proof. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 11389
Price: $10.00   
Our Father
By: Rick Tagliaferri, Jill Mackavey
Cast: 2 male, 1 person
Performance Time: 7 minutes
A man is searching for his father in the hospital when he meets his father's best friend and they debate the nature of their relationships with the father. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 10955
Price: $10.00   
Touched by an Atheist
By: John Cosper
Cast: 2 male, 1 female, 3 off-stage voices
Performance Time: 5 minutes
A humorous sketch showing there is no real hope apart from Christ. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 11788
Price: $10.00   
Unreasonable Doubt and Other Soul Searches
A Seeker-Oriented Sketch Collection
By: Rick Tagliaferri, Jill Mackavey
Performance Time: Most are 3 to 7 minutes in length.
Unique collection covers a broad range of topics bringing the meaning of scripture to life in contemporary settings and situations. See More On This Item
Sketch Collection MP-841
Price: $19.99   
Why Should I Believe in God?
By: Doug Fagerstrom
Cast: 2 male, 3 female
Performance Time: 5 minutes
Childish innocence challenges the teacher's atheism. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 11400
Price: $10.00   
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