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Featured Selections
His Eye Is on the Sparrow
Songs of Faith for the Piano Soloist
Arranged by: Kathy Smith
Refreshing and creative arrangements of favorite hymns and gospel songs for the moderately advanced pianist See More On This Item
Keyboard Book 9780834171909
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Keyboard Book
Jesus Loves Even Me
20 Solos for the Beginning Pianist
Arranged by: Kimberly Meiste
Conceived for the beginning pianist, this distinctive collection is ideal for children or adults.
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Keyboard Book
All Glorious Above!
Worship Settings for Solo Piano
Arranged by: Marty Parks
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Keyboard Book   9780787759759
Price: $22.95  
Behold the Lamb of God!
Arranged by: Faye Lopez
Faye López takes us through the Passion story of Christ with these extraordinarily compelling hymn arrangements. This collection strikes a remarkable balance of musical tastes by presenting contemporary songs in Faye's notable traditional style. May these songs of hope and assurance serve as a great blessing to you and your congregation.
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Keyboard Book   9780787760106
Price: $19.95  
Sunday Night Special
Gospel Favorites for Solo Piano
Get ready to play the night away with this roof-raising bundle of homegrown favorites! Included are ten triumphant hymn arrangements jam-packed with unceasing energy. Brilliantly fashioned from the minds of Larson, McDonald, Raney, Rouse, and Sorenson, this collection is a must-have for any church pianist!
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Keyboard Book   9780787760090
Price: $19.95  
Artistry in Ivory
Distinctive Hymn Settings for the Piano Soloist
Arranged by: Brant Adams
Brant Adams's mastery of musical sophistication shines in this collection of diverse hymn arrangements. Crafted with the accomplished pianist in mind, "Artistry in Ivory" presents challenging pieces for use throughout the church year that convey undeniable power, vitality, and beauty.
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