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Our selection of plays includes seasonal, nonseasonal, biblical, comedic, and dramatic. Casts range from small to large. You'll also find a few nonreligious plays for dinner theatre outreach events or Christian school productions.
Featured Selections
Baggage Claim
A Modern-day Parable
By: Don Bosley
Cast: 5 male, 5 female, extras
Performance Time: 75 minutes
Easy-to-stage resource for outreach lays out the gospel of Jesus Christ in imagery that can be grasped by contemporary audiences. See More On This Item
Drama Book 9780834175136 To perform this piece, you are required to purchase a Production Pack.
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Drama Book
Price: $10.99
First N-O-E-L
A (You-Pick-the-Music) Musical for Christmas
Created by: John Plastow; Contributor: John Plastow
Cast: 5 male (2 male roles may be played by women); 3 female; 1 boy, 2 girls; Many non-speaking roles
Performance Time: Approximately 90 minutes, depending on music selections
Your whole church will want to get involved in telling the story of Jesus by using music, media, drama and more.
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Price: $30.00
The Gifts of Goody Grisom
By: Mike Buckley
Cast: 2 female, 2 male (or more by splitting parts up)
Performance Time: 45 minutes
Charming and heart-warming, this timely Appalachian Folk Tale follows Goody Grisom in her event-filled Christmas Eve journey to see the Christ child.
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More than Just a Man
A Dramatic Easter Musical
Arranged by: Richard Kingsmore; Created by: Christopher Machen, Kimberly Messer; Orchestrated by: Richard Kingsmore
Cast: 15 male, 7 female, plus extras. Some doubling of roles is possible, and the cast count includes parts for children.
Performance Time: 54 minutes
Inspiring Easter musical - the ministry, life, death and resurrection of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea.
Powerful evangelistic tool...
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Truth or Consequences, the Prodigal Revisited
By: Kevin Stoltz
Cast: 3 male, 5 persons
Performance Time: 15 minutes
A reader's theatre scripts that explores the story of the prodigal son and the inexplicable love that the Father has for His children.
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